creepy experiences in my new house..

  • Part 3 I really have no idea how long after the first incident this was, maybe a week, maybe a month.. but fast forward some indeterminate amount of time. I am sitting on my couch. It's about 10pm, I'm drinking a beer just before I head out to meet some people at a show.. and I hear it again. There's someone knocking at the door in the kitchen. At this point I had all but convinced myself the previous incident was a dream and my overactive imagination. None the less I turned my tv off and listened. I heard it again, there was definitely someone knocking. Unfortunately I was a little more moved in and had actually put my golf clubs away so I had no "weapon" as I walked to the kitchen this time. I walked to the door and peered through the blinds and... nothing. There was no one there. I kind of laughed at myself. I must be going crazy. I pulled the blinds open fully and looked around and no one, just an empty yard. I closed the blinds and figured I might as well check out the back window as well. I joked with myself about how I would react if I opened the blinds and there was someone outside the window. I walked over and pulled the blinds openwith one quick pull, completely expecting there to be nothing there, and shit you not.. There she was, and old lady, standing in the backyard,looking in. I'm talking grandma death style old lady. My heart jumped as she banged on the window again. I managed to not scream, or do anything to crazy or embarrassing, realizing.. ok it's just an old lady knocking on the window in my back yard.. that's completely normal right? Ok definitely not, but not something to get too creeped out about, probably just some crazy old south philly lady. I opened the window and said hello. She didn't say hi she just started ranting about the vines in my backyard and how I needed to get rid of them. I decided to go outside and talk to her and we had a nice conversation about how she had lived in the house behind me for 40 years and the owner of the house was now raising the rent and kicking her out.. so whyth does she care about the vines? go figure.
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