A creepy old man wearing a hat

So here goes, my first Reddit post. This was a long time ago, I think I was about 10 and my brother 7. I might add however, that I did in fact look younger than my brother at the time due to my height and build. I'm Male by the way, and now 20 years old.

Me and my family (Mum, step Dad and younger brother) went out one day to a Restaurant that we had never been to before and was quite far away. My Mum and step Dad went inside to order drinks and food or whatever, and me and my brother went out to play in the (very limited) outdoor kids area. There was nobody in the outdoors area, not even any other kids. Which was kinda odd because it was a really nice summers day. Anyway, we were happily playing around, when after about 10 minutes one of us (I forgot who) noticed an old man wearing a hat just peering over his fence at us. Just standing there staring at us. I don't know how long he'd been standing there for. His house and garden(assuming it was his) ran alongside the restaurant garden, and he seemed to be on his front lawn. his fence was quite high and came up to his neck. He looked quite smart to be fair, not scruffy looking or anything.

Taking little notice of him, we carried on playing. I'm pretty sure he started asking us stuff like "what are your names?" "how old are you?" but I don't remember exactly what. he was more interested in my brother to be honest. After that we just carried on ignoring him and he went inside his house, thank god. But no, he came back out. And this time he had a water pistol.

yep, that's right. A water pistol. So yeah he started squirting us with water. we were both to young to actually realise what was going on and just took it as him joking around and that he was just a nice old man that probably has grandchildren of his own (which is quite a worrying thought in hindsight). So we just carried on ignoring him and playing on the swings and what have you. He eventually got bored of this(or just ran out of water) and started asking us to come round the fence into his garden and that he was having a party. Now from what I could tell, there was no one else with him and there was no noise coming from his house or his garden what so ever. we might of been young but we weren't stupid and just said no to him. It was at this point that I was getting quite worried as he was clearly not having a party, and was just lying to us in order to entice us into his house.

This continued for a few minutes or so until luckily my mum came out to call us in for our food. I don't think we even told them what happened, but I'm not entirely sure. But I can't help but wonder what would've happened to us if we did go inside his house, and how many other kids did he try to lure into his house? And maybe even succeeded?? He did after all live right next-door to a kids play area. So, creepy old man with a hat, I hope to never meet you again. And that's my story. I have loads more (some paranormal) so if you like this I'll post some more.

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