This Creepy Puzzle Arrived In Our Mail


Here's my thinking. This is based purely on my own mental problems and how, if I were as broken as someone would have to be to want to send a message I knew would be cracked -- but not so broken as to invent a new way of communicating to people...

I.E. using KNOWN technology and ciphers to appear smart and altogether omnipotent to the people viewing this creepy nonsense

I would then have a basic need with this message -- to be heard, understood, and congratulated for my brilliance. When I heard that the photos of torture, etc. contained things that were already out there and also fictitious, I could easily make the assumption that the creator or creators of this message are intellectually lazy. They've definitely created a coded message, but they used other people's tech and codes to do it.

They appropriate gruesome images. But do not create the horrors that you see. So, they are definitely males (because males usually perpetrate this kind of thing) and they are not adolescent, but definitely not fully matured.

So - the things I've assumed about their psychological profile -- video shot in black and white; an auteur would use color to send MORE subtle messages, black and white SEEMS 'artistic' because it's shorthand in cinema and television and everywhere else as being 'avant garde'...but hasn't been so for a very long time. I also think this is the work of a person who has the ideas for something, a horror buff, a genre film fan, an author or failed fan fiction writer -- and another male who knows how to do all of the things that person would want put onto this little puzzle you have been sent.

Someone is operating the equipment. Those are the voices being heard.

So - all of this led me to something that is already out there: the flimsy profiling done in the movie 'Zodiac' -- a story about a REAL killer with REAL cryptography skills, who sent messages after REAL crimes. Amateurs, like myself, should look to basic needs when judging a piece of art or in this case, a mystery.

This author wants to be read, heard, seen. All of this conversation is what was wanted. So, I fairly assumed the message 'RED LIPSLIKE TENTH' was something that was jumbled, but MEANT to be translated.

While the notion of someone putting all of this together to threaten a sitting United States President is quaint, it's definitely NOT realistic, the GPS coordinates are compelling as evidence -- but nothing else here was an instruction to a viewer. And subliminal instruction should be clear, not masked. This message is not meant as an instruction to 'kill the president' -- the person who made this is showing you one thing: they are the focal point.

So, I began my translation of the anagram with a statement, rather than a command.

I came up with this: I SEND THE KILLER. Not an instruction, but a threat. Not an order to someone (by the by, why WOULD they send this to a Swedish site if they intended the message to be decoded, and all of the codes are in English?) but a message to the group of people sleuthing out its meaning.

Because this, while entertaining and intriguing, should not be seen as an actual criminal's act. It's all a game to the creator/creators. I also feel that about half way through its creation, the hardware side of things just started creating codes for whatever doggerel went through their head, hence the 'I like weed' repetition later on in the text.

Melodramatic, moody. Creepy, yes. But they are DEFINITELY NOT stupid enough to threaten the President. I'm confident of that.

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