Cricket Valley Gas Power Plant Online in 2020, concerns about pollution coming into CT.

I just recently found out about this Gas power plant going online in 2020 just over the CT border in Dover, NY. There has been a ton of stuff going around social media about it and most is very scary stuff that seems to be focused on scaring the public. Well it worked, as I am someone with a family I plan on staying in the area for at least another 20/25 years. There is a group called Stop Cricket Valley, they are trying to stop the plant from going online. Seeing as the BILLION dollar facility is just about built I thought that as very unlikely but I felt it a worthy cause to say the least.

Well why and am I posting? I figured I would ask my fellow redditors their opinions on a few things.

  1. What if anything can the people in CT do to either a.) stop it from coming online or b.) ensure that there is independent air, water, and soil testing along with remediation plans?
  2. Is there a good source for the risks associated with living near a gas plant? I did a bit of searching and most of what I found seemed biased one way or the other.
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