I cried 10x today. (A depression rant). Any support would help.

depression is hard, i know. i don’t have anyone to talk to about it either. i also feel like im wasting my life because im not doing what i see other teens do, but i came to accept that those are unrealistic standards and that everyone’s life is different. you don’t need a group of 10 friends to be happy or to have a good time. and if that is what you want, there’s a bunch of nice people out there, they might be hard to find but you’ll find them. a lot of teens are immature and don’t give the best support or are selfish, but i promise there are nice ones

what your therapist did was really low, i don’t even know how they were allowed to do that. if you want to let your feelings out again, i wouldn’t kick you out of my office. sometimes talking to a stranger really helps, we all could use a rant buddy. if not, maybe you could try out journaling, writing your thoughts can help too

also, when ive had a really long day of constant crying, i like to make hot chocolate or something and take a long nap, or i just look at the stars. when i wake up i take a shower and go for a walk to watch the animals. being around nature and it’s innocence usually makes me feel better, maybe you can find something like that too

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