Cried at work due to anxiety. Help. :(

As a nurse I can tell you there are times I can’t answer a patients question and I just tell them I’m sorry I don’t know and offer to find someone who can answer their question. Be kind to yourself! Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing something…. Some patients ask the craziest questions and I used to feel so nervous about not knowing how to answer too but you will rarely get a negative reply if you kindly say I’m sorry I don’t know and maybe tell them they should ask the doctor or nurse? There is no excuse for people being nasty to you about your appearance… that is wrong… but I’ve found sick people who are suffering can be really really mean and say things they wouldn’t normally say. It’s not you… it’s them… It’s inexcusable but it happens quite often dealing with sick people… they don’t know how to cope

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