Is it cringey to hate conservatives? One misfit on r/punk chooses to rise against the downvotes and causes a clash when they dislike a prank call to a conservative radio show.

Lol stop deflecting you little worm.

"but you can consult Ted Cruz; he's let people publicly fuck his wife for decades and then basically licked the balls of the person who fucked her"

Doesn't match up with:

Donald Trump basically called Ted Cruz's wife ugly in public and then Ted turned around and simped for Trump, which is the height of cuckoldry.

This is why you conservatives cannot do comedy.

LOL are you kidding me? If the above is what you call comedy I'm sorry, but it's legit cringe. You're a loser and your "comedy" doesn't extend past your own observation of the political complex that has you by your nuts.

I guess the comedy in the end.. is you

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