Crisis of Baby

There’s this almost toxic (imo) idea in the states at least that everyone should just know if they want kids or not. Sure some people know that they do or that they don’t but it’s TOTALLY NORMAL to not be sure

Me personally I think it’s insane to feel like you know either way. Growing up I always figured I’d want them. Always presumes I’d want them. I’m really really good with kids. Everyone always says I’ll make a great dad someday. I love interacting with kids.

But having one of my own? I don’t ducking know!! It scares the ever loving shit out of me. You’re basically committing to RADICALLY changing your life for at least like 12 years but really forever. The second that baby pops out life as you knew it is over.

Staring something like that in the face it seems obvious to me to be not sure if you want kids. I mean the flip side is the idea of it just amazing. But the day to day grind is so scary.

And that’s just like big picture stuff. What if the kid has some serious defects? What if there’s a miscarriage? I almost feel like I’d be risking the happiness of my marriage on this.

TLDR it’s normal to be unsure.

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