[CRISIS]Biopreparat Leaks

The complete and official response is thus:

We have closed the one border checkpoint with India. Besides that, we only have a few narrow borders with China, all of which can be easily sealed and policed by a few thousand men.

The entire Solarian Air Force, as well as every civilian plane available, has been tasked to find any fleeing refugees and turn them around to where they came from. Over 20,000 Aircraft will be deployed, flying scout missions around the clock with high tech thermal scanners capable of sweeping vast areas of desert in a short period of time.

The Solarian Navy is ordered to seal off the Red Sea and escort any vessels entering the two ports in the Red Sea towards a Disease Checkpoint for complete inspection. The Syrian National Guard shall do the same for our one Mediterranean port. The Persian Gulf will be completely sealed off as well. There shall be no chance that infection will enter the Empire via sea, as these measures will protect our limited ports from contaminated people.

The Solarian Militia has been deployed along the border in watchtowers every half mile. They are to prevent anyone from entering the Empire. Lethal force is autherized if they do not turn around promptly.

All travel to effected nations has been banned, and no one from said nations may travel to the Empire. Aircraft from said nations will be turned around and escorted out of Solarian Airspace.

All EMMA units are to begin producing vaccines en masse to vaccinate every citizen within two months. This will cost us approximately 100 billion dollars to accomplish. The man made viruses have no vaccinne, but we will throw twenty billion dollars at an effort to produce one within the year. All excess vaccines will be exported at cost to nations that need them.

Anti viral and antibiotic medications have begun mass production in case of an outbreak. This will cost five billion dollars.

Lastly, reporting for medical treatment if infected with said diseases will result in a $2000 reward to encourage any future infected citizens to report promptly to local medical centres.

By taking these extensive measures, we feel confident that a future outbreak is unlikely. If one does occur, it will be dealt with promptly. Vaccination will reduce the spread of any potential outbreak, making containment easier.

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