Critique - 25 y.o. F

I cannot answer on behalf of the men of Austin; so here are some quick comments (that I will subsequently delete) based on my own aesthetic: I would delete picture 2 and the knight bus one, and then essentially reverse the order in which they are presented.

I really like this early paragraph:

I think the coolest thing a person can do is have fun and be themselves, everyone looks cool when they are having fun. My theory is that everyone is a secret nerd. My nerdiness is focused on books, agriculture, and science. What makes you a nerd?

One thing you might do is to cut it from the self-summary and paste it in the You should message me if section (which is currently absent from your profile).

You included an extra L in the book title for the Iliad (listed in your profile as the 'Illiad') which you might want to correct if you are as OCD as I am!

Other places to tinker: You could hide income (a standard suggestion, but I don't think important) and change "Doesn't have kids, but wants them" to just "Doesn't have kids"; I'm not sure if some people read the present language and think you want them now (or maybe you do!).

The entire I'm really good at section is generic enough to warrant deletion; it could be excluded entirely, and there would still be plenty in your profile.

Answering more questions (maybe another ~50 to get to 200?) might help keep you visible on activity feeds and help with who is messaging you. (If your particular concern is "intellectual attraction," then this might inform which questions you answer.)

Lastly, if one of the issues you are having is that you are sending out messages but not getting a response, then maybe it's the messages that are a weak point rather than your profile. (Despite the suggestions above, I think the profile is excellent, and it looks like others in this subreddit agree.)

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