[Critique] 28/F - The first step is admitting you need help.

My profile is highly idiosyncratic and as such risks turning many potential suitors away. I happen to be okay with this because it saves me time. However I have experimented with other ways of representing myself.

If you're not getting the amount of responses/messages/plethora of men that you want I would suggest experimenting with a profile that appeals to a much wider audience.

Keep in mind these are my suggestions for making yourself more of the any-girl (I'm not suggesting you do any of this unless that's the direction you decide to go):

Occasionally awkward.

  • If your awkwardness is only occasional there's no reason to disclose it.

I'm turning into more of a homebody in my old age

  • These kind of jokes are risky. A lot of guys tend to go for younger girls. Even if you're cool with it he might not be. It could also come across like you're just "joking" to disguise some deep-seated insecurity.

I'd rather be doing something other than just sitting in a bar with a beer in my hand, even if it's just playing trivia or throwing darts.

  • This reads slightly negative. Just say what you'd love/like to do rather than what you don't.

  • Also, if you are going for mass appeal a lot of people like to suggest grabbing a drink as a first date, and sitting around talking is probably what you'd be doing.

I'm trying to learn to play my guitar so it'll be more than just a wall decoration. > I also have golf clubs that have only been used once, so I should probably do something about that.

  • These witticisms are too indirect for the denser fellas. It requires them to "get" you/your manner of speech. Again, this is a great weeding out tool but if you want that broad range you're going to have to stick with more basic/straight-forward sentences that give a dude something concrete to latch onto/start a conversation. Mentioning you're trying to learn the guitar or get more into golf gives off the vibe of teach me, help me, play with me. (Tastefully, of course)

  • Your What I'm doing my life is great. Belly dancing in particular. I'm sure guys will want to talk to you about that.

I'm pretty sure nobody actually reads all the way through these, but just in case...

  • If that's true don't give them more to read.

Rise Against, Godsmack, Disturbed, Metallica

  • These aren't very feminine. Again, I think this is awesom/you should be yourself but it can play both ways. It might be a bonus in some guys' eyes but how important is it to you that you share these things/tastes in common? If it's not, be less specific.
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