[Critique] (33/M/Denver) Be brutal.

Who thinks it's a good idea to put their name in a profile?

"Laid back" Find something else to say. I hate those words and they should be removed from every profile ever. Further, your entire paragraph is basically "I'm lazy until I have to not be."

Your nerdy pastimes are, like, the pastimes of almost every bro, jock, and other dude in the United States. You don't watch TV unless you do. Other than that, you like anything, "as long as [you're] doing it with the right people", just like everyone else on the planet.

Dates don't care about taxpayers, even if they are. Further, it makes you sound like a poor student. Which you may be, but don't emphasize that. And if walking your dog and sleeping qualify as "Things [you're] doing with [your] life", they you need a new life.

Nothing is sexier in your profile than whining about the site itself. Over analysis of questions? Cut that ASAP.

You're not the most talkative guy? Good luck with that.

I get what you're trying to do with the top 3 things, but none of them paint a picture. And none of them are different enough to be anything more than boring. Especially music. That's the choices of someone who doesn't really like music and doesn't want anyone to know it...

If you decline to answer the question, don't answer the question. Either come up with something you don't want to live without or leave it blank.

On a kinder note, Astrophysics? Hooah!

Washing your hair... Cute.

"I dislike writing about myself like this"? Dude, extolling your own virtues is how the human race has propagated itself for millennia. And it looks dismissive of the person who actually was undignified and wrote about themselves for your sake.

And a woman should message you if she is female. And is X, Y, and Z. Try asking for someone to message you if they're interested in doing something you'd like to do (or would like your partner to do). And, for the love of God and all that is holy, don't mention D&D! Let that come out later after you've convinced her that you're not a cellar dwelling neckbeard!

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