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Ye olde bad boy romance blurb.

The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else, right? Even if that someone else is a dirty, dominant cop with secrets?


I lost my job and my fiance in the same week, so a drink and a dirty f*ck are exactly what I need to feel better. Liam, with his killer body and commanding voice talking dirty in my ear, is the perfect one-night stand.

When he says another woman's name in his sleep, I'm out of there on wobbly legs even though I got what I came for. I don't waste my time with cheaters.

Turns out Mr. Hot Night Stand is a cop and he saves my ass again the very next night. Truth be told, I can't stop thinking about him since our night together. After he protected me, I can't get enough. He's like a drug and I always need more.

But who is this woman whose named he called? Can I trust that she's really in his past?


I came to the bar to drown my sorrows, not take home a one-night stand. But when I set eyes on Hazel, all dark hair, green eyes, and dangerous curves of her, my sorrows disappear.

When she kisses me, I'm hooked and can't let go. When she begs me for more, I open a world of pleasure she never knew existed.

After rebuilding my life from losing everything, Hazel is the first taste of sweetness I've had in three long years.

I'll do anything to protect her, even if she doesn't understand my reasons. Being a cop has taught me about sacrifice. Even if doing the right thing isn't always what it seems.

Would also love your thoughts on these two covers. They go with the blurb above. On this screen it looks like he need to be brighter and less yellow. I'm also kinda sorta wondering if his face is attractive enough to keep on the cover. :-X

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