Critique my 10-day hit list

Wow this is awesome. Well done/researched! I skimmed the comments so just are gonna drop in some important thoughts I don’t think were mentioned (yet):

PIZZA: L’industry is tops imo - but after that, worth having Scarr’s on there. Arguably #2. Ace’s is amazing (bomb wings too), but I think Emily pretty objectively takes the cake for Detroit style (and has one of the best burgers in the city to boot - 2 birds!). Note: Emmy squared is the same pizza as Emily but doesn’t have the same burger (Emily burger is the most famous one)

ASIAN: Win Son!! (bakery or restaurant). This is super important and has changed the game for Taiwanese in NYC/BK. Also, Han Dynasty is a Chinese/Sichuan icon and very important eats too (east village). Also super impressed you found Antidote. I live blocks away and only discovered it recently and it’s amaaaazing. Also Pecking house fried chicken is all the hype rn, definitely worth a stop if you’re in south BK.

BAGELS: Just note that the Houston Russ & Daughters won’t toast their bagels. So if you’re not their early, the quality goes down imo. Overall personally don’t think it’s worth the time vs. just going to Ess-a.

DESSERT: If you’re into candy, BonBon is incredible. It’s all imported so you can eat a ton and not feel like shit! Also, hate to admit it but Levain (cookies) is as good as hyped (there’s a location in Williamsburg near biciclette. Also Chip City is amazing.

BAKERIES: If you go to biciclette, also go 3 blocks to Ceremonia bakery too. Sleeper hit. You’ll see why.

OTHER FOOD Hometown BBQ, Streecha , Astoria Seafood, Lechonera La piraña

BARS Double chicken please, Death and co, Sauced, Up and Up, Pisellino

BREWERIES other half, Grimm, Finback, Threes brewing, Wild east

SANDWICH/BURGER/DINER Katz, David’s brisket house, Fiore’s house of quality , Lioni’s , Pisillo , Sherry Herring, Court street grocers

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