Critique my grip and recoil control

Dude I’ll probably delete this because I’m honestly going to be a dickhead but everyone itt is babying you and I hope you are looking for actual critiques. I shoot guns and train others to shoot guns for my job and there are a few things that massively stand out to me.

  1. Just suck it up and learn to shoot right handed. This is the way most guns are designed and the way most firearm instructors will teach it, getting left handed guns and holsters is a nightmare if you plan to actually carry, you are early enough in your training that you can fix bad habits, just suck it up and learn to shoot right handed. It’s not as big of a hurdle as you think it is. I think this is a part of your problem and leads me to your next two issues-

  2. Your grip. I have no idea what the fuck you are attempting here but apparently other commenters call it a “wedge grip” and say it’s supposedly used by competition shooters all over the world blah blah blah. I don’t really give a shit. I’d love to see you try to draw and rapid fire and keep that grip consistently lmao. Gun fighting and target/competition shooting are two massively different things. Your grip is wack af. Grip the gun as tightly as possible and just go thumb over thumb with your right index finger as far into that trigger guard as possible. Left index finger against the gun, and both thumbs tight against each other and against the gun, ALL pointed at your target, right index/trigger finger so far into the trigger guard you should be able to rest it on the first knuckle of your left hand. Start with the basics my man. It’s hard to explain but you are simultaneously too loose and fragile in your hands and grip and are compensating by being way too tense everywhere else. You should have as little gap as possible between your hands and fingers and the gun. Look at the massive gaps you have in your grip. This is leading to your next problem.

  3. Your stance and balance- I see you are attempting some sort of left handed modified weaver but your balance is way off. Watch your video, why the fuck is your head, arms, and upper body moving that much? It’s a pistol not a goddamn 50 cal, it’s 100% fucking up your sight picture if you are even getting one and it’s a nightmare for self defense, no offense but your shooting stance shouldn’t look like I can slap the gun out of your hands or literally just push you over. Grip the gun tightly and let it jump in your arms. Don’t fight the recoil, you are way way too tense which is understandable, lock your arms out if you have to, you are either anticipating the recoil or are way off balance. It sounds stupid but if you can’t throw a punch (or pistol whip someone lol) from your shooting stance, you are off balance. Your entire upper body is shifting backwards as you shoot, you probably don’t even notice but start paying attention to your body position, your stance, your grip. Think of it like a pyramid. Pay attention to your feet, your hips, your shoulders, you should look BALANCED, your upper body, head, and arms shouldn’t be swaying back like that with every shot. If you’re shooting I shouldn’t be able to give you a good a shove from the side and knock you over.

DON’T worry about hitting a bullseye right now. Focus on remaining balanced and getting AND KEEPING a good grip and sight picture and not letting the recoil push you backwards like that. Right now it’s about perfecting these things and getting them consistent. IF YOUR RANGE LETS YOU literally I wouldn’t even give you a target at this point and I would just make you work on your grip and stance and just focus on shooting down range. ANOTHER TIP, again if your range lets you, have a buddy throw a snap cap randomly into your mags and record yourself, when you hit that snap cap when you aren’t expecting it’s going to highlight everything you are doing wrong and you are going to feel silly af. MOVE AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE, shooting is all about efficiency of movement. And finally RELAX. You are way way too tense in all the wrong places. You’re a beginner, just let yourself have a tight death grip on the gun in your hands, but work on relaxing everywhere else, keep that sight picture and let the gun jump in your arms a little. Don’t fight the recoil so much. Just focus on getting a nice smooth trigger pull, the gunshot should surprise you a bit.

And finally, and this goes for everyone itt, stop watching YouTube and asking reddit for advice and go to a goddamn actual firearms instructor IRL. It’s not expensive, and most range instructors will happily give you a quick critique just for fun because they are bored. Everything you are doing wrong could be fixed in 2 seconds if you just went to an IRL firearms instructor and listened to him and do what he says. Trying to communicate what you are doing wrong and how to fix it is very difficult over a screen. Shooting is hard, don’t feel embarrassed. Be humble and don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

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