So this cropped up on my Facebook wall. Help me construct an argument.

Number 3:

*He's literally guilty of reinforcing and creating a "nerd" stereotype in her previous point. -_-' Any way, we wouldn't say to a black person enjoying watermelon "you're reinforcing a racist stereotype!" for eating that watermelon, and it is equally inappropriate to imply that the bullying individuals get for being fans of something is their fault for acting a certain way. That's bullying in and of itself. If the author feels ashamed of the traits he describes in this section, that is entirely his own problem, and the rest of us don't and won't change to cater to his issues. If he doesn't like the subculture, he can leave the subculture. There's nothing wrong with not engaging in a subculture. You are not forced to stay in one or another for the rest of your life. The author should be ashamed of these things to the point that he would imply that the bullying many of us received growing up is our fault, perhaps "nerd" things are not for him.

Number 2:

*The author's use of examples here is very unfortunate, because for some reason, everything is just "that other character, only different." Female ghost busters? Why? Why not make up a whole host of new and exciting characters that might be female instead of just making already established characters switch gender? Why not make a new, powerful super hero mixed race, instead of making Spiderman mixed race? Their idea of what "progress" should look like is just resting on something that's already popular and just making a character different. No new black super heroes. No new female ghost busters.

That's more offensive than just not having black or female characters at all. That's saying "hey, black people and women in general aren't interesting enough to make into new characters, I have to just make white male characters into these things." No thank you.

Number 1:

I only have one thing to say to this. Amy Hennig. Oh, and Jennifer Dawe One is one of *the most sucessful personalities in the industry and the other is an indie dev, but both have over 20 years of experience and would beg to differ with the idea that women are being driven out by gamer culture. There are accounts of young women actually coming forward to say it was other women that told them not to go into the industry (I am looking for a link to some of the things I've seen, but I can't find any now. If anyone does have a link to this sort of thing, halp. I know it's happened. I've seen rants about it. I just don't know where anymore. T_T) that stopped them from entering. It's the harassment narrative that's driving more women out, not the actual harassment. The fear mongering has to stop.

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