Crying all the way through... she definitely regrets this one

Thank god FA started putting in "aftermath" videos; post-scene interviews. They started doing it about 6 months ago and this one is especially fascinating.

Jimmy is honestly a talented and hilarious director; I just about lost it when he he's talking with her before the scene and she's got the deer-in-the-headlights look and he calls her a "dullard".

Its so interesting how these shoots are structured. Basically they go over with the girls ahead of time exactly what will happen. They describe in detail: "we are going to say terrible things about you. Not general things... specific things. About your life, your family, whatever. Basically emotionally fuck with you. And when the sex starts, we are basically going to try to make you vomit, and be miserable. If you feel like you need to cry, go ahead; it's honestly great.

"But, and this is important. You are in complete control. We are doing all of this for the scene, but when you tell us to stop, if you need a break, or anything, we will stop immediately, and only start when you're ready. We will never pressure you."

And it's clear they live up to this. In her post-scene interview, which clocks in at almost 15 minutes, they talk about the scene, her goals in porn, her life... Jimmy seems definitely interested and she seems pretty content. She acknowledged it was a hard scene, but she is clear that she had no probs with it. The interview feels like the polar opposite of so many Max Hardcore post-scene interviews where he is clearly just providing himself legal cover while he gets a model who just drank gallons of his piss, repeatedly vomited on his cock, and took about a 100 ass-to-mouth shots says, through eyes of burning hatred and gritted teeth "no I wasn't coerced in any way, everything is great [now for the love of god give me my money so I can leave]"

Unlike with Max, where he seems to follow the letter of the law when telling girls ahead of time what to expect, but in no way really prepares them for the actuality of what is to come, the FA crew (for "" the old name of clearly lets the girls know what to expect, both emotionally and physically.

And you know what? The scenes are just as intense. You see crying, and frustration, and anger... but not from a place of "this girl was tricked into this" and more from a place of "it's a group of people who are working together to generate these emotions, and it's basically a safe place."

I know a lot of people in this sub really get off on the thought of a girl getting worked over, upset, and crying because, for the most part, they had no idea what they were getting into when they signed up for the shoot, but not me. Not at all. I would much rather see a girl bring up the pain and emotions in a safe atmosphere.

Now this isn't to say FA hasn't had a parade of girls who had bad or negative experiences, especially in the past. I suspect they have moved more towards the philosophy of catering fully to the needs of the girls and being completely open about what to expect in a shoot because it both protects them more legally, and also helps to ensure that their supply of available talent doesn't dry up.

Regardless, I'm just they keep chugging away.

Now if only their ratio of She-Beasts to hotties was reversed...

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