Crypto Mine building

Gamers hate crypto. It's fascinating to me because they're in the perfect spot to profit from it - they have powerful machines that can mine.

I mine. Not during summer, too hot. Only during winter. Because I mine I don't have to turn my heat on. I actually save money from mining. I have a bunch of old computers I spool up every winter. I've made thousands from this.

It's not bad for the environment before I'm using energy I was going to use on my electric heaters anyways, so it's net 0 change in energy usage, and I get a bunch of "free" money. I've sold tens of thousands in crypto doing this. But I never mention it, beside if I do people's brains shut off and they say "tulips, environment, ponzi, bad!"

I try to explain to them I don't disagree, but nothing I have done has increased my carbon footprint and I'm getting money in my pocket.

"But electricity, cost, bad!"

Again, I say, it's energy I was using for heating anyways.

"But muh be efficiency! Energy bad!"

Haha, no, I measured it, it's about the same (a little less) than when I used my electric heating.

My point is, the hate for crypto is so strong that nothing matters. You're either against crypto or you're an enemy of the world.

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