CS graduates, where are you now?

I'm sorry but you are just flat face lying through your teeth. You just made this account today to spew this vitriol on this thread? At the very least you should be earning $45-$50k as a quality assurance or devops engineer if you completely lack programming skills after this program.

This is a computer science degree from an accredited non-profit institution. I don't know if you have some severe criminal background or if you're just completely devoid of any social skills. But I just don't believe that the best you can do with a computer science degree is a minimum wage job at a gas station.

If you're lurking this thread and see this guys comment, ignore it, either he failed out of the program and is salty or works for a competing online institution, or is just a straight up troll, the only account history for this guy is this comment on this thread.

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