CTE Prototypes Patch #28


Today we have a bunch of great improvements and fixes for you guys! Please help us test the new Stealth Jet and “Random callouts” changes!


Out first pass at improving the random callouts in the game that was active on the CTE prior has now been revisited and based on your feedback we now have a new improved system implemented!

The reasoning is two things: We want to keep the battlefield sounding interesting (not silent), and we want to make gameplay aspects less random with this solution.

VO: Autotrigger and Comrose Callouts

Autotrigger lines are gameplay lines that get called automatically by the game based on an event. Comrose lines are explicitly triggered by the player via the comrose menu.

You should NOT hear these Autotrigger lines from the enemy team:

  • SoldierReloading

  • SoldierSuppressed

  • ManDown

  • LeavingArea (leaving playable space)

  • AlertFriendlyFire

  • DefibrillatorInitiated

  • DefibrillatorAccepted

  • VehicleBailout

  • LookAtRankUp (complimenting a team member at ranking up)

  • AlertHMG

  • AlertRPG

  • AlertSniper

  • Spotting

  • Fire – (someone firing their weapon)

  • C4 Placing

  • Detonating C4

  • ThrowGrenade

  • ThrowSmokeGrenade

You might hear these Autotrigger lines from the enemy team:

  • IncomingGrenade

  • ExplosionClose (when surviving a near explosion)

  • SoldierHit

  • ThrowAmmo

  • ThrowMedkit

Note: The enemy soldier may hear comrose lines if the line is not radio-ized.


These are changes in this patch:

  • Stealth Jets: Pass 2

  • Increased gravity

  • Increased Engine power

  • Reduced crawl speed

Increased afterburner recharge time

  • Corrected tiny inconsistency in landing gear retract logic across all jets

  • Intent: Give the jets a higher average speed, make taking off and landing easier, Make the AB more of a limited resource

Lumphini Garden Levelution fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some sounds potentially was playing twice during the mudslide

    Operation Whiteout fixes

  • Added metalsheet destruct SFX to weatherstation type buildings

  • Adjusted transitional doorway, garage and cave wind locators

  • Adjusted ice-land sound areas

  • Changed steam SFX to loop until VFX dissapears

  • Updated Scout Elite’s bolting time

  • To prevent animation issues when mashing the trigger. Increased bolting time to 1.02 seconds.

Testrange improvements

  • Fix to add hit indicators to targets.

Changed wooden bridge to concrete to prevent destruction by hovertank.

  • Added dirtbike and buggy to DLC island. Added “scrubcannon” to emplacements. The railgun does damage the targets, but not exactly the way that the live environment would handle it. You’ll get hitmarkers because of the direct impact but not the additional explosion. Three railgun hits will take down a target. There’s no way around this unfortunately.

Fix to make autoloader function properly on affected vehicles

  • STL JET: 20mm, 30mm

  • MAA: 30mm

  • IFV: Canister rounds

  • FAC: 30mm HEAT, Burst

Infiltration of Shanghai

Disabled the initial team ownership (single elimination), new vehicle layout – give us feedback!

Added character and vehicle lighting to IRNV and SOFLAM VEs

First pass thermal tuning for vehicles

Shortened range of Night Vision character lighting. Everything is around 100 now. Vehicles can see slightly farther and FLIR sees slightly farther than IRNV.

Added first pass headlights to vehicles (this will temporarily be happening on all maps – this will be fixed)

All store signs (backlit ones) should now be destructible

Most all ceiling and wall lights should now work and be destructible

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