CTE Prototypes – Patch #39, New weapons and gunmaster!

In todays release we are enabling the new Spring patch content – our first Weapons Crate Alpha on the CTE!

This means our five new weapons (available to all players) will be testable on the CTE – and so will the “new” game mode: Gunmaster!

We want your feedback on particularly the game mode, the new weapons and the balance changes – please direct them to these threads on reddit respectively:

Gunmaster feedback: Official Gunmaster Feedback

Weapon feedback: Official Weapons Crate Weapon Feedback

New Weapon Balance/Falloff model feedback: Official Spring Weapons feedback

This is as early as we’ve ever shown content to you guys – keep in mind that we are still finishing animations, sound and models/textures on the weapons, and Gunmaster playareas and presets have not been locked in stone yet!

Help us nail these by playing and feedbacking as much as you can!


As outlined in April’s sticky on our subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Battlefield_4_CTE/comments/30u0c1/cte_april/ - all night maps, and all “private” testing servers will be turned off during our Spring patch testing.

The reasons for this are twofold:

We need to focus feedback around the new content so we find any issues and can polish up these items as much as possible

We are still assessing the risk of the new netcote/hitregistration – and we need telemetry based on players playing what the Spring release will contain only. For more details on what this new hitregistration/netcode is, see these excellent videos by Battle(non)sense:

New netcode/hitregistration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7q3ZS_PxTSk

Comparison to CS:GO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B40u12etY_U

We REALLY want this new netcode out in the Spring patch – but we need alot of players to fill our servers to the brim, and gather telemetry data on what (if any) differences there is between retail BF4 and CTE with the latest hit-registration fixes to feel safe including these in our Spring release.

I urge you all to play as much as you can!


These are changes in this patch:

Enabled Gun Master game mode

Enabled 5 new weapons

Play to see which they are! All but one has white textures (focus on the gunplay for now!)

Weapon Balance Changes

Weapon Damages, headshot multiplier, falloff and suppression distances have been changed. We would like feedback on if headshot deaths feel bad. General headshot feedback and general suppression feedback is what we are looking for at this point

(Feedback here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Battlefield_4_CTE/comments/30yzju/official_weapons_balance_feedback_patch_39/)

Fix for claymore kill stats not being counted for recon

Night vision

Adjusted HeightFog settings in thermal scopes

Fixed XM25 scope in thermal

Adjusted thermal scope HUD colors

Adjusted environmental effects for Thermal in Abandoned, AbandonedNight

Night maps

Added new loading screens (drafts) – not final

Fix long-standing issue where the player would sometimes not see the correct damage screen effects if they had regenerated health recently

A multitude of various fixes integrated from our Spring patch line

Expect less crashes and better stability

/r/battlefield_4 Thread Link - cte.battlelog.com