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Hello! I'll ask a bunch of questions. Feel free to answer just the ones you want to!

1 - Where do you live and what do you usually have for lunch/dinner?

I live in Glasgow, Scotland. Usually for lunch I'll have some sort of meat/fish with some greens and something to with fats like avocado.

Dinner is the same idea but with different meat or fish to keep things interesting.

2 - Have you attended university? How many of your school classmates have graduated from university? Does your country have scholarships politics? Is it easy for a poor person to attend a high-level uni?

After dropping out of high school early on and working as a tradesman for a while, I eventually did go to university. In fact I'm just about to finish my final year of a software engineering degree! In Scotland, uni tuition fees are free and you can get a student loan too for a monthly income so yeah it's pretty easy. I was born and bred in a pretty rough part of Glasgow and was part of the "gang" in my area (nothing like the ones in Brazil), took me a long time to realise that I was fucking up my life and that things had to change. Was very easy for me to get back in to higher education, hardest part was adapting to a normal lifestyle. Not many of my classmates went to uni or did anything further. I'm the only one from one side of my family to have gone to university.

3 - Have you ever know anyone who didn't know how to write and read?


4 - Did you have a good time at school? If you could change one thing in the educational system of your country, what would it be? (Not sure if this is a politics question)

I had a laugh in school, for all the wrong reasons, but didn't enjoy the learning part. Personally, for my school, I found there wasn't a lot of emphasis or drive to get people from poorer backgrounds to go to uni or college. The consensus seemed to be that you would finish high school and go work.

5 - What's the most popular music genre in the UK?

I'm really not sure. Grime/hip hop is popular amongst most of my friends and people I know.

6 - What do you think of Dire Straits? I'm a big fan.

I'm indifferent towards them. Could sit and listen to them no problem but I wouldn't choose to put them on.

7 - Have you ever read Douglas Adams' books? They are a bit popular here in Brazil.

Can't say I have!

8 - Do you know any brazilian artist? A singer, a writer, anything.

Do Martial ARTists count haha?

9 - Are The Beatles still popular? What is the main opinion about them among the teenagers? Just like many UK bands, they are REALLY popular in Brazil.

There used to be a trend for teenagers to wear band tshirts (don't know if they still do) which would have the beatles name written on them and stuff but I doubt many could name more than one song. I like them, though I wouldn't necessarily call myself a fan.

10 - I've read that teenagers and young adults in the UK drink A LOT. Is that true?


11 - Here in Brazil we have a lot of pop culture events, specially anime-related events. What about the UK? Is japanese culture a thing? What do you think about it?

I've no idea if it is a thing but I fine it pretty strange if I'm honest.

12 - How easy is it to visit other european countries?

Very easy. Flights are cheap or you can even drive!

Thank you and have a nice day!

No, thank you!

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