Is Cultural Marxism actually a real and imminent threat?

I am not in any way sociologically studied so my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt, but I think that every world view that isn't rooted in biblical truth will likely have some half truths but will also have a whole bunch of issues as well. I think cultural Marxism is no different. It says some things that are true (e.g. we live in a culture that has been largely dominated by cisgender, heterosexual, white men and because of the corruption of people's hearts, those who don't fit that profile tend to be persecuted for it), but if you follow that thread too far you will definitely run into dangerous thinking. However I also think that there is dangerous thinking in the myth of meritocracy/pure free market capitalism (if you believe that we truly live in a meritocracy and most wealthy and powerful people are white men, that can lead to some very dangerous conclusions). Where we are as a country right now is much further down the road of the right than the left--I think Bible believing churches (i.e. non-mainline Protestant) should focus more on the dangers of radical right wing thinking than radical left wing thinking, considering we have a right wing extremist currently in office right now. I think the problem is that Christianity has become bastardized with American ideals or whatever and so people are having trouble disentangling the truth from the crap that Jerry Falwell and the moral majority have been feeding American evangelicals for decades.

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