The culture of Reddit is ISTJs who think they’re INFPs.

Hmm, I kind of disagree. ISTJs and INFPs share the same functions, so saying they have absolutely nothing in common is just not true, I actually relate to a lot of the ISTJs I know in real life (interests, introversion, beliefs). Still, they’re very different, they have a distinct way of seeing the world around them, and even if I can in some way relate to them we’re just too different in terms of how we approach everyday life, and you’ll notice that after like 2 minutes of talking with us, so I just find it really hard to believe so many ISTJs get mistyped as INFPs — also, it’s the internet, and mbti is something that attracts lots of INFPs, so it’s normal seeing them more often than other types. But I can see how the internet culture has its similarities with the INFP stereotype, which is extremely idealised. The infp sub is getting kind of off-topic for my tastes, as you said a literal “wholesome cat safety bubble” which I wouldn’t even mind that much if it wasn’t for the depressive posts that paint the stereotypically bad traits of INFPs as the norm. I wish there was another sub for these kind of things (skies, paintings, etc. included) so that people could use the actual INFP sub to talk about mbti. I do think some people are getting too immersed in mbti descriptions, morphing their identities with those, but I understand there are people who are actually like that :)

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