Culture War Roundup for the Week of December 17, 2018

In the sense that "laws are enforced with violence and gun laws more so", of course "killing people for owning specific kinds of guns" is on the table!

But that's not quite what you said originally, is it? "Some people could be killed" is different from "it's fine to kill people".

It's certainly true that some people get killed when laws are enforced, for reasons ranging from "our ability to nonlethally incapacitate people is imperfect" to "we think it's better to risk killing certain kinds of criminal than to risk them escaping the police". But none of those reasons imply that we think it's fine to kill those people.

I support some gun bans. I don't support the death penalty for anything (for both pragmatic and moral reasons). If we ban guns, and in the course of enforcing those bans, some people get killed, I will consider that a tragedy. Just as I consider it a tragedy when anyone gets killed in the process of enforcing any law.

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