Curious... why all the feminine fragrances being used in men's shaving soaps and creams?

Haha, fair point. Of course, it only has a noticeable affect on prepubescent boys. So you could say that only real men can wear lavender (please no one say that).

And besides, soy can do the same thing, but no one calls soy sauce girly.

I'm not one of those people who will claim that all scents are unisex. I mean, I mostly agree, but there are some scents that even I consider "too girly." Anything that uses the words "vanilla sugar," for example.

It's like colors. If you ask me, I'll tell you that masculine and feminine colors are bullshit, and you should wear what you like. And I believe that! But you won't catch me wearing hot pink. I'll wear purple, but if someone claims that it's a girly color, I won't get mad, because I get why they think that.

But to me, calling lavender girly is like calling green girly. It just doesn't compute. Lavender is in fucking everything. Men's fragrances, women's fragrances, hand soap fragrances, countertop cleaner fragrances. Its in so many soaps that some people don't even recognize it as a flower scent, it's just "soap" scented. To assign it to a specific gender just seems weird.

TL;DR: You're wrong, and you should feel bad. ;)

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