The Curious Case of my Face: Children living with rapid aging of the skin desease (2014)

I can't find the article online but i have access to the document , here i quote:

" We present a case of na adolescent observed at a rheumatology consult for lumbosacralgia. Physical examination was negative for rheumatic inflammatory disease. However, very white skin, dental and maxillofacial alterations and a marked delay in the ossification of the iliac crests in the conventional radiography of the basin previously performed, directed our study to a more detailed osteometabolic evaluation. The study included a severe vitamin D deficiency and an increase in biomarkers of bone turnover. "

As you probably understand it has a important role in children bone development , in this case the child had the normal sun exposure expected and is from mediterranean country but always used high spf sunscreen . I'm in favor of using sunscreen obviously but in that case there should be a control of vitamin D levels too.

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