Curly girls straighten their hair, and the rest curl their hair, skinny girls want to be curvy, and “curvy” girls try to lose weight, white girls get tans, while brown girls try to be whiter (at least here in the Middle East), is any one happy with the way they look?

Had two kids with emergency c-sections. My belly flaps over the scar, my breasts hang, can't get back to my old weight, my skin is horrible lately, getting far more wrinkles and I generally look tired, sick and pale.

Also almost died twice as a child and in the past years also almost twice. Also experienced a car accident, depressions, domestic violence etc. My body and my brain fought hard for my kids and myself.

We survived so much shit the past years and I am so fucking proud of my scarred body! My kids are healthy, I am still walking and even though I am not as pretty as before, I will always cherish everything it has done for me. It's a good feeling.

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