Currently, the Agility Cape worn with the Graceful set provides the 30% faster restore rate to your run energy. Suggestion: Allow the Agility hood to also act as a graceful hood.

The hoods are cosmetic and cosmetic items don't need to be useful.

Again, that's not an argument. It's an unsupported opinion.

If we start adding perks to Skillcape hoods, it would only be a matter of time before players would want all Hood to have perks, which is not needed or really good for the game.

The slippery slope argument is bullshit. If you actually believed it you would support no new content at all because then the game would move towards EoC.

he capes already got perks and there are still posts asking for buffs to this or that because some are better or worse than others, so perhaps it is not wise to try to do same with hoods too.

The hoods could be the fixes people are asking for. They could solve the problem, not make it worse.

Your argument for it is "why not" and "because I think it is easy".

I did not say that. My argument along with everyone else is to improve customization and "fashion-scape". It does not make anything easier (you still need to get the graceful hood and it would be consumed). I said it would take little dev time since it's actually just editing the item to have the same effect as the graceful hood. It actually takes no time at all. You don't even have to worry about different colors since you're changing the agility hood and not the graceful hood.

My argument against is "it is unneeded", "it is a slippery slope", and "the OSRS Team has already said no".

The slippery slope argument is a logical fallacy and not a real reason to do anything. It is not needed, but it would add support to a better game experience for many people. The OSRS team has changed their minds countless times and they haven't looked into this specific suggestion where the graceful hood would be absorbed into the agility hood offering just a cosmetic change and nothing else. They just need the community to ask for the change.

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