'This curry stained Indian should be beaten and hanged': Shiva Ayyadurai on inventing email and the backlash that followed

Ok, elaborate I will. Can't give you specific examples from my life, too risky.

However, US history is rife with people in power systematically destroying minorities, like important black residential, cultural and economic centers.

Exhibit 1 - How Detroit's Hastings st was paved over to build the Chysler Freeway, destroying a bustling black community with scores of successful businesses.

It is incredible how colored people are just not allowed to accumulate wealth over one or more generations.

This leads to acute poverty and a breakdown of the family system among blacks, who were already struggling to find an identity post slavery. [Exhibit 2](incredibly high rates of fatherless homes in the black community]

This eventually leads to a multi-generational trend of youthful lawlessness because there is no hope. Which eventually results in crazy high incarceration rates of young black men. Exhibit 3

But didn't things change with Obama's election? The world rejoiced that an african-american man finally made it into the oval office. Even descendants of negro slaves were happy someone that looks like them can empathize with them. But the truth is Obama is wrongly labeled "African-American". His story is a typical success story of a second generation middle class immigrant, generously helped by his white WW2 vet grandpa. Barry occasionally slips into black accent but he could care less about them.

A vast number of white folks are increasingly aware of the wrongs that were and are done to blacks and their impact today. They recognize that, unlike the negroes, they don't carry labels like Polish-American or Irish-American, and there's a reason for that. It's called white privilege.

Exhibit 4 Here's how a revolving door for military generals feeds a thriving military industrial complex.

Exhibit 5 And there's a clear lack of racial diversity among said military leadership.

What doe this tell you? There's clearly a deep rooted system for the privileged races to enrich themselves. And another deep rooted system to systematically decimate minorities. Decisions are made every day by powerful people that skews the system slowly against people of color.

Debating whether to include this or not. fuck it, My ride is obtuse proof that i see this shit every day.

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