'The curse of the ninth' is a superstition held in the world of classical music, which says that composing a tenth symphony is to 'tempt fate'. John Williams has said he will not return for a 10th Star Wars score, saying 'nine is quite enough for me', but also as a nod to this notion.

None of them are good or even that unique, just passable.

None of them are better than:

Duel of the fates

Battle Of The Heroes

Across the stars

The Force Theme

Droid march

Clone army/Jedi Temple March

Binary Sunset

The Imperial March

The Emperor Arrives

Would anyone really disagree with this?. Those are from either the OT or PT. 2 movies into the ST and most of the music isn't good, let alone great or beyond that. Just shows how lazy the music is in the ST. But with the content of the movies themselves i'm not surprised he wasn't inspired enough.

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