Curse of Strahd Made Me Realize My Friend is a Douche

Had one just last week, she begged me for about a week to join our party(i was the DM), and i told her quite some times for her to wait until we end our current campaingn, and i would let her join(because we were in the middle of a dungeon exploration, and she just join in would seem strange), but she wasn't having it

So i gave it, made her character, background and the works(she wasn't going to "waste time" doing that, since she was "already really busy with..." i didn't cared less) and said she couldn't argue with what i made(what she did 10 seconds later) because she didn't cared enough to tell me what she wanted, but it's fine, i thought, we can do something about it later

On the day of the session, she didn't even showed up and we started a hour late waiting for her. After we ended, i called her asking why she didn't showed up and not even said anything, she throwed a fit(mind you, she was 19) saying that i shouldn't put pressure on her, because "I have a lot to do at..." you know where this ends, and raged quit on the spot

I couldn't care less and now i have a backup PC and a NPC for the next session, when we get out of the dungeon

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