As a customer, has a business ever blamed you for their mistake?


God, I hate their customer service.

Long story short, Ebay/Paypal was verifying my identity and crippled my account while they did it. This may or may not have been a computer error, but it was a pain in the ass to fix, and turned out to not be completely fixed months later (different story).

Anyways, right before my accounts were crippled for verification, I had made an order from Newegg via Ebay. The item shipped, but Newegg never updated the shipping status on Ebay. So, for some reason Paypal contacted Newegg during this "identity verification," probably related to all of my current bids being cancelled by EBay during this process. I have no idea what this contact concerned, but the contact history between Paypal and Newegg showed that Paypal contacted Newegg multiple times, and Newegg never responded.

So, without any of this being initiated by me, Paypal reversed the charge on my already received, but not reported as shipped, order from Newegg.

I only became aware of this when I checked my paypal history and saw the return. I had no part, and was never made aware of, Paypal contacting Newegg.

When I found out, I contacted Newegg in order to get this fixed.

All I can say is that their customer service team is a joke. I had multiple people reply to my emails. All of them telling me different things, all of them being of zero fucking use. This went on for weeks, a back and forth communication where I had to repeat myself in every message since there seemed to be a new person responding each time, and each new person didn't read the previous messages.

Eventually I gave up after the umpteenth person gave me contradictory information, or even better, gave me information that didn't even apply to the problem.

About two months after I told them I no longer cared to fix this, and was okay with never being able to shop with them again due to a problem caused by them, I got a bill for the reversed charge with a promise that my account would be unbanned.

I paid it after being reassured that my account would be unbanned.

Guess what? Tried to order an external HDD after being reassured that my account was unbanned. Still banned.

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