Customer gets mad about coupons and leaves the store, but then you see them the next day

A customer today came to the SD when I happened to be up there.

‘Your cashier on the register told me I couldn’t use this coupon! She said that I could only use one at a time. That was SO rude. Am I going to have to call the store manager. She was so rude to me, I’m going to call the store manager.’ I’ve dealt with her before. ANY slight inconvenience to her and she’s up in arms. And will not let things go. She came in every day for a week once to complain about the same stupid thing.

(Fun fact: I was standing at the podium at the register, the cashier was polite.)

The SD associate read the coupon. Funnily enough, the coupon said one coupon per transaction.

She got all huffy and was all ‘well how should I know?’

I don’t know, maybe read the fine print, dickhead. (She wears her hair in the exact shape of the head of a penis)

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