Has a customer successfully picked you up?

Thank you! They were ridiculous. Picture a long table full of retired people who love you and one of them is your mom-she was aux. treasurer at the time. I was a widow.

They see me talking to a man they don't recognize and mom comes over, introduces herself, looks him up and down and starts talking about his legs if he hurts her baby girl. Super threatening, all 5 foot and 100 pounds of her. But brings him over to the table. They're all chitchatting away, I'm working.

Get a second to sit down, it's "What are your intentions?" "How long have you been dating?" that lady I answered with "about 30 minutes! "

Somehow they didn't freak him out and run him off. Opposite. It endeared him to me. And he gives momma bear hugs that sweep her off her feet now.

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