Cut Video Games out of your Life. As Soon As Possible.

There have only been a few times in my life where I played video games for any length of time. Maybe Zelda Ocarina of Time when I was younger and Goldeneye 007 for hours. I'm 29 now and even when Halo and Xbox 360 came out and now up to PS4 and all that, I just never got into it.

There was an inherent sense of just wasting hours upon hours upon hours on frivolous bullshit.

It doesn't even matter how little you play video games - it's still a waste of time. There's SOMETHING that you could have been doing that time that was more beneficial for you mentally, spiritually, physically, or financially - you could have meditated, you could have read a non-fiction book, you could have practiced a language, you could have researched valuable information which added to your perception of the world, you could have exercised, you could have planned for the next day, you could have done any number of things that were more beneficial than killing enemies.

I think there are exceptions - puzzle solving games, for example. And, I think that when games MAKE you get up and jump around in a virtual environment, that this may be better too. I would love to, for example, spar an imaginary opponent, or have a gun with realistic recoil that allows me to practice my shooting in more immersive environments, and so on.

But, still, there's no exception to getting to the gym and sparring with a guy or breaking out the chess board or Risk set - or any other strategy game that allows you to literally interact face-to-face with other human beings.

The cons of playing video games for even negligible amounts of time outweighs whatever pros there may be.

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