Cutting right to the front of the drive thru line.

I am sorry I only have time for Reddit late night. Everyone was female. The window person stuck my drink out of the window, obviously she did not see the other customer cut me off. She took the drink back. Had a short discussion with cutting to the front woman, and the cutter drove off. I don’t know if they can ring from the second (pick up window) but I assumed she was trying to order something and the window person said “I can’t do that”. I was trying to give the cutter some benefit of the doubt. Like she was needing catsup or they forgot her fries. But she didn’t get anything or bring any bag of food up to demonstrate. The in store dining was also open. I checked on my phone. If she wasn’t ordering she and was asking directions as someone suggested why not go inside? (Or in the case of the directions to one of the nearby gas stations and why the happy look, not sorry excuse me. No one has ever done that to me before. Cut in line because I paid and the car at window two got their food faster. Window one people have to take money and orders, so sometimes there is a tiny lag time.

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