Why cutting Texans’ property taxes is so financially and politically hard

Again you're acting as if property owners are responsible for high rents, and the government should step in to kick owners in the balls and protect the renters.

I'm saying the government shouldn't protect property owners from rising property values. They're getting more money and complaining that they can't keep it all.

The State IS the reason why rent prices are so high.

From the actions NIMBY homeowners that you are trying to protect. Derp.

Them going around and expropriating home owners though taxes for a problem that they created is unfair, illiberal and dishonest.

Oh gods, "taxes are theft" logic.

You're not creating any housing, you're just replacing one owner with another richer owner and the state makes a shit-ton of money in the process, that's it.

Hey, if the state has a windfall from property taxes then they can cut the rate. Nothing wrong here (except for the zoning laws.) Arguing that it's unfair that property taxes go up when renters just have to eat shit is goofy.

High property taxes without comprehensive zoning reforms won't do much.

Texas's housing market is a lot healthier than California's, where they protect property owners by capping property tax and instead fund the state with income tax.

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