Cyberjones66 is a scammer for sure , every one they get back their crypto another one does not get it back to prevent them as a fraud. We followed their address and the date my brise was to be sent to me from cyberjones66 the exact same amount I had went into their account. SCAMMER

Most definitely, the ledger I got is my lesson learnt. Now I worry about revenue even though I got Jack shit to show, iv been told if I swap a crypto for another or make a purchase online I have to detail it and hand it into revenue as I buy 420 on a monthly basis. Iv no profits and even had to exchange my doge back to euro for a bill, again under 100 euro since November 2021 when I began to learn about crypto. Now I just began and swapped my shiba to Tama and I hold, I build again slowly , mostly gaming coins and a few stable coins. I do not see a major bullrun until 3rd quarter of 2023 , crypto has yet to crash even more.

These brise guys will dissappear without doubt.

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