Cyberpunk 2077 Pre-Release Hype Megathread!

My system is clean. This is all I see when I flick my HDMI switch from laptop to ageing PS4. I check in on it a couple of times a day, like it needs feeding or something ... encouragement - or that in some form of miracle it will have advanced more than it should have, but it never does, more than it should do. There are no games on my system now, no screenshots nor video saves of past glories; my system is virgin to my years old battles won, epic take-downs and all the rest that have been slayed. None of it matters. It's just me and this timer. And this bottle of Jim Beam. I've finally decided on my life path, I know how I will play. I know the V I am going to be. I am ready. Night City might not be, but I am. We've had years to prepare. So give me your best, CDPR; throw it all at me and then some. I ... am ... ready.

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