Cyberpunk 2077's wall running scrapped due to design reasons.

open world

I 100% dread open worlds in RPG now. Witcher 3 open world was useless past the wow factor. The main quest was fairly linear and often got the player stuck in a single location, just like Witcher 1 or Witcher 2. Yes, some optional content was extremely good but the open world itself was of very little use.

I don't think Cyberpunk is going to work this way even though it's being compared to those other games.

CyberPunk will obviously be compared to all other Western RPG/Immersive Sim/Open world games. The question will be, did it learn anything from 15+ years of bad design or not.

And reviewers worth their salt will be severe, unlike the ones that just give 10/10 to every AAA title for fear of being shun by studios.

If CP has stealth and it's badly implemented, it will be noticed. If CP has more fetch quests than characterized content, it will be noticed. If CP open world serves little purpose other than GTA style trope, it will be noticed. if CP has some useless economy, it will be noticed, if CP has some useless crafting/upgrade system whatever it will be noticed. I have no doubt some individual quests will be good, just like the Witcher, but I fear the gameplay itself will be mediocre, along with the main story.

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