Cyr saves Miz' relationship with Maya

I'll preface by saying that I am not a CPA or financial professional in any capacity, but here is my understanding:

I'll also preface by saying that a tax write-off is not as magical as Reddit likes to make it out to be. The purpose is just that that money does not get accounted for for your income. So for example, if I made $100,000 in a year and I donated $50,000 to a charity, my net income is now $50,000. You would want to do this because it can change your tax bracket. Someone who makes $100,000 a year may have to pay 20% income tax, while someone who makes $50,000 a year pays 15%. You may notice that even with the drop in tax rate, you don't gain money from the write-off. Where it matters is in capital gains tax. Capital gains (or taxes on investments) are based on your previous years income tax bracket. So if you make $100,000 the previous year and have $1,000,000 in capital gains, you are taxed 20%, but only 15% if you had an income of $50,000. That's why tax write-offs matter to rich people more than the average working-class person.

Now to answer your question. If he doesn't have it setup to go directly to the charity, then yes, he would want to claim that as a charitable donation because otherwise he would need to pay income tax on it and he'd actually take a loss on doing it. The other side is that the actual donators (chat) would not be able to claim it because they are actually donating to Mizkif, not the charity. Unless it's a substantial amount, or they are unlucky, the IRS probably wont care, but just to be technical.

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