[D] Anyone else out there applying to graduate school for Machine Learning right now? (year two)

Sorry for soapboxing a little here:

First time applicant here. I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing; I feel like there's no reason for me not to get in anywhere, but I also feel like there's not reason for me to get in anywhere. I've got good grades (CS/Math major), GRE percentiles are all in the 90s, an ICLR '17 workshop paper (first author), and I've been working on an R&D team (on a co-op) doing NLP research for the last year and a half, along with some research in programming languages from my freshman/sophomore years. I love doing research, and I really feel like I can succeed, but I feel like I'm really just an average applicant for the more competitive programs...

This is just me venting, but advice is always welcome! :)

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