[D] Why can't you guys comment your fucking code?

and improving usability is a valuable activity.

I can't agree more. This is the essential stuff that needs to be communicated across the whole sector. We will reach AI singularity only if a 10 year old can write his own little bot to improve stuff.

Also, when I first started learning ML I thought WTF is backpropagation, because the related papers took me more than 4 weeks to read and I didn't understand a thing.

If I now say backpropagation is nothing more than 2 nested arrays where x is the layers and y is the neurons and that backpropagation is nothing more than decreasing/increasing of the neuron values in a nested for loop from right to left, given some output values it tries to match with an error "function" - I think every fucking developer would understand that much easier than reading those absurdly complex written papers.

Backpropagation itself is nothing more than around 40 lines of JS code, without any framework, without any external tools. It's super easy once you've implemented it yourself.

I cannot understand why the "scientific knowledge" is still communicated through mathematics. I think mathematics is way too far away from what humans can understand easily - and the wrong "language" to communicate. Instead some 10 lines foo code would've done the task - and would've saved you shitloads of explanations, because everybody understands arrays, for loops and simple variable assignments...

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