[D] The Economist article about DeepMind's Culture

I'm reading the article and I won't comment much on it, but here's my immediate red flag:

Organizations currently regarded as highly creative/innovative and successful *, such as Google and Facebook, and that rely heavily on human capital(e.g., consulting firms, in addition to technology companies) also give a central role to pay and areamong the highest-paying companies (e.g., Robinson 2014, Truong 2014).

Some of this change in thinking may be due in part to seeing that both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards seem to play a major role at “creative” companies (e.g., Google, Facebook).

Both of these statements take for granted that these companies are highly creative. Hmm indeed. Is that a fact?

The initial psychological tests conducted involved problem solving with words and numbers and measured creativity in small quantifiable measures. Now we're taking at face value that anyone who works at Facebook is highly creative?

I can't comment on the current theoretical underpinning of CET, however I'm proceeding with caution...

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