[D] Should we introduce an "Inaccurate"/"Misleading" tag for posts?

I would embrace the growth. Submissions, subscribers, posts are all going up rapidly? Increase the mod team size. Assuming that's possible and all. This problem isn't going to go away with additional tags, all that will happen is there will be more shit-stirring, more people flagging stuff inappropriately, more people waiting on mod appeals, and more people turned off by the whole subreddit.

"inaccurate" and "misleading" is, except in the obvious cases, highly subjective. I'm much more comfortable with the "discussion", "research", "opinion", "tutorial" style we have now. It's one thing if someone is obviously spamming junk, but I don't feel like we should be crapping on people's enthusiastic blog posts (for example) just because we're sick of seeing them. Either they fall under the subreddit guides, or they don't, there's no point in going out of our way to "shame" some kid because they just learned Keras, or whatever. The votes and comments speak for themselves.

And, again, who determines "misleading"? Half the papers posted here, or hell, half the papers that get accepted to NIPS/CVPR/etc., are misleading. Are we supposed to flag those too? Or do we just flag the ones that aren't cloaked in academia? See where I'm going?

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