The d-sync/netcode makes this game unplayable. BOTH POV OF D-SYNC, BSG you need to address this, its been like this for so long and only gotten worse not better. This is a problem and it does exist we cant ignore it anymore.

100ms is hardly a 'massive' ping and is not enough to exacerbate and issue like this that bad.

The actual difference between getting 40ms on your own servers and 100ms on somewhere else is 60ms, 0.06 seconds.

These are totally not relevant to this video or discussion because what is being shown is a serious issue with the game servers that has been going on years and has been proven time and time again with mountains of evidence that the game constantly has massive desync and servers hang periodically.

Comments like that really don't help because they just come across as trying to wash the issue away a bit, having an extra 0.06s delay has nothing to do with why on one perspective he was able to shoot around 10 bullets while moving while on the other perspective he stood totally still doing nothing.

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