[D] So What Should DOA5 Have Done Instead?

Just to throw this out there since people seem to really want to believe that the oversexualization is the most important issue. When you look at what people who actually play fighting games say about DOA, what they do not like is the triangle system. That was the complaint people had for not playing DOA5 at launch. It was only when the costumes started appearing that they moved on to complain about costumes in the later part of DOA5's life.

DOA5, on release, focused on gameplay, had the same amount of fanservice as T7 and SC titles, and people did not care. If DOA's reputation is whats holding it back even though it is a solid fighting game and even tried to change at the start of DOA5, then why bother trying to attract new players if what games like DOA3 onward did ruined the series? DOA6 releases and people go back and look at DOA3 and the Xtreme series and say "DOA6 is oversexualized so its not a real fighter"? DOA's reputation (7 years before DOA5 released) made people not want to even try the game themselves. The same complaints from previous games were thrown at DOA5 at launch. Why would they care about DOA6 if reputation is all that matters?

TLDR; People don't like DOA because of its mechanics (the holds because its just a guessing game). The sexualization is just an extra for people to complain about. Look at SC with its create a soul. fanservice to the max but that is apparently fine. Sexualization is the "issue" on the outside while underneath that the mechanics is the root.

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