Da Nang, Vietnam

~~I just visited this bridge after seeing a similar picture and I feel the need to tell you that your experience will not necessarily be as magical as this.

This bridge is in a theme park called Sunworld, a kind-of off-brand deranged Disneyland. It is purely a tourist attraction, complete with fake European towns, an arcade, celebrity wax museum and overpriced terrible food.

The bridge itself does not connect any point to another, it just loops around to the same building...

If you're still keen, I highly recommend you pick your time of year carefully. I went in October, and my friends went in December (we both had the same bad experience). Because the bridge is at the top of a very very high mountain it is often IN a cloud. Meaning we could barely see the hands while 5 feet away. Needless to say, it was disappointing. Luckily I only traveled one hour by plane to get there, unlike many of you who are likely going to fly much much further.

TLDR: Pictures can be very misleading. Skip this place- especially if it's overcast.~~

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