DaBeeZy's Role as BoC

Based on my observations I feel DaBeeZy has been subject to multiple memes, causing him to act in a malicious and violent manner.

As you all know, HQM is 50% hockey(?) and 50% memes. DaBeeZy has been a victim of being involved with multiple memes, causing to be an annoyance to him. You never see him actively participating in meme discussion, so that means he is not interested in it. Some memes DaBeeZy has been a subject in include:

1v1ing Jeetlor

Random hate

....and many more memes!

All the use of the DaBeeZy memage has most likely caused the destruction of the DaBeeZy character. All the memage has annoyed, pissed off, and even depressed DaBeeZy! This is what has caused DaBeeZy to:

Have less thinking before actions

Random rage

And start false accusations

The amount of meming that DaBeeZy has seen on this site is outrageous. It has lead to him to think that everything that is said around here... is a meme! For example, Supa_Woov tries to sign up as the Ontario Reign. Though it was a simple sign-up, DaBeeZy thought it was a meme! He proceeded to accuse Supa_Woov of not being serious about picking the team, when he actually was. This makes me think that he raged at Proper_Cheeze because he thought he was making a meme, when he was actually asking a simple question. With the random ragekicks in the servers, the person must have been doing something trolly/memey for him to kick him, because he could be mentally scarred from all the memage that has taken place in this community. I've seen FatSquirrel do far worse. If you make an alias then join is practice, he immediately kicks you without asking you to leave. (srry fs for trolling u man)

Overall, I feel DaBeeZy is afraid of memes, and wants them out of the community ASAP. He did not make any comments on the memes he was subject to, meaning he was very annoyed.

in all seriousness dabeezy cares about jsl lives and should stay <3

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